3 Ways Art Can Change You and Your Perception of Social Reality

2 min readOct 22, 2020

Defining art is like defining life: it is difficult. And the same to the meaning of life, the meaning of art remains almost incomprehensible and foreign to our minds as well. Seems like an obvious conclusion offers itself: however ambivalent and complex art is, people will never give up enjoying it. What, then, attracts us to random visual imagery and a certain combination of sounds? Let’s find this out.

Art has only recently morphed into a pivotal and even defining part of society. Thus, as social creatures, we can be under the constant influence of this abstract set of notions that we call art, which is altering us though we don’t feel it. To make it more palpable, below is a brief explanation of how art actually changes you and the social reality you live in.

1. You are what you are collecting and whom you are following

These days, we all are exposed to art, be it a picture on the smartphone screen, street art, or a painting at the gallery. People choose what they want to see and whom to follow, and usually, the same people repeat behavioral patterns. This all can definitely tell us something about the nature and values of a group of people.

2. Art is an ideology, a doctrine

No, it doesn’t usually make people indoctrinated. And yet, it has a very distinguishing ability to change opinions. We don’t usually perceive paintings with our logic. For example, when we see some shocking and thought-provoking imagery, we tend to react with our emotions, which might have a lasting effect.

3. Art won’t let you go easily

Finally, once you start to spend more and more time looking for original fine art and ingenious artists, it would be almost impossible to go back. In such a case, you need to remember that changes are natural, but it always pays to be cautious with what and who you like.




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