Art Escrow Services, or How to Buy Art in Total Security

For some people, buying fine art is something so foreign and alien that they voluntarily close the door to this rich and vivid world full of engagement, amusement, pleasure, and joy. But the truth is that buying fine art is now as easy as never before. Moreover, it is safe thanks to professional art escrow services. So what are these services? Let’s find this out!

Art escrow services

The traditional and long-established way of purchasing artworks implies the dialogue between a buyer and a seller. You would agree that while this is a tried method, there are lots of unpredictable difficulties, risks, and challenges that go with it. Neither party is safe. Art escrow services exist to erect a commercial bridge between two banks and safeguard the security of such transactions. The appearance of a trusted third party allows both a seller and a buyer to stand assured of the legitimacy of a purchase. One of the most reliable law offices with substantial experience in this field is the Alderman Law Office in Washington, D.C.

The Alderman Law Office

Founded by Elliot Alderman, the Alderman Law Office has been providing legal services since 1994. Their major specialization is legal help with issues relating to the Internet, software, e-commerce, and technology. The Alderman Law Office also works on intellectual property and copyright issues, as well as provides professional art escrow services aimed at the simultaneous safe release of art and money.

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