Art Shuttle Miami — Houston — New York Is Scheduled for November 12

Fine Art Shippers, one of the most reliable art shipping companies in the US, has announced the next art shuttle Miami — Houston — New York scheduled for November 12. The NYC-based shippers are well-known for their cost-effective and time-efficient consolidated art shuttles running across the US. If you need someone to ship your paintings, antiques, or some valuable rarities, you won’t find a better shipping solution than the one offered by Fine Art Shippers. The shuttle will leave Miami this Thursday and will make its way to Houston, with stops along the route for art pick-ups and deliveries.

Art shuttle Miami — Houston — New York

From Miami, Fine Art Shippers will drive to Houston, a visual and performing arts mecca with numerous galleries and art institutions. The team of professional art handlers will be able to pick up items from anywhere in Florida and deliver them to almost any city in Texas. The truck will pass through Tampa, Tallahassee, and New Orleans before reaching Houston. Overall, the pick-up and delivery options are very flexible, meaning that you can request help from any location as long as it is en route.

After delivering items in Texas, the art shuttle Miami — Houston — New York will go to its final destination — New York City. Crossing almost the whole East Coast of the United States, Fine Art Shippers will have stops in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia, among others. If you want to book a pick-up but have questions regarding the location and time, the best way to find all the necessary information is to contact the company directly or via an online free quote on the Fine Art Shippers website.

Regular art shuttles from Fine Art Shippers have long proven to be highly useful when it comes to safe and secure fine art transportation across the country. The art shuttle Miami — Houston — New York is no exception. Never before have professional art logistics services been so approachable and effective!

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