Astonishing Abstract Paintings by the Chilean Artist Monroe

Sometimes, an artist is more than just a painter or sculptor. Sometimes, an artist is a creator of miracles. Often, these miracles are abstract and elusive, but they can also be quite tangible. Artworks created by such artists are, in many ways, inspired by real-life patterns and people, which makes them especially captivating and astonishing. In this post, we are excited to introduce the Chilean artist Monroe whose abstract paintings are true miracles consisting of the liveliest energy that is meticulously masked under the artist’s individual approach to creating art.

Abstract paintings by Monroe

‘Monroe’ is a pseudonym of a talented artist born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. Her real name is Karen Pinto De La Calle, and she is one of the most progressive contemporary Chilean artists, known for her fabulous and enigmatic abstract paintings.

Monroe’s starting career point goes back to her childhood, the time when she was completely into art, dance, and literature. However, it so happened that after the school, Karen Pinto De La Calle took up a career in journalism. Later, after several years of staying at home to care for children, she returned to art and even opened her own workshop to make a living. Monroe started with figurative painting but quickly realized that her true passion was abstract art, the field where her very personal style was and still is manifested most mightily.

Monroe has been exhibited at many prestigious art exhibitions in Chile and also achieved high positions in the world of contemporary art. Her astonishing works were displayed by the reputable galleries in the USA, Spain, Italy, UAE, Argentina, Brazil, and a range of other countries. Today, Monroe is a well-established artist with an extraordinary style and approach to art. Moreover, she is the Member of the Chilean Painters and Sculptors Association — Apech and the Founder and Director of the Collective of Latin American Artists — Prisma Internacional. This amazing woman is indeed the one who is raising contemporary Latin American art to new heights!

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