Binding Cultures: Walter Wickiser Gallery and Its Global Impact

Cultural diversity is a rather important question nowadays, the answer to which remains to be given by each and every individual. Although there are lots of ways in which people differ from one another and in which they look the same, there are things relating to all of us equally. One of them is art.

Today, the international art scene is more than a global platform for sharing fine art; it is a powerful tool for connecting the most diverse cultures and nations through the visual medium. In this respect, Walter Wickiser Gallery has done a great job by transcending cultural boundaries via exhibiting art. So what is the share of the renowned NYC art gallery?

Walter Wickiser Gallery and its global impact

Walter Wickiser Gallery was founded in 1992 in Soho. Its founder — Walter Wickiser — is known as an outstanding American art dealer who gained his knowledge from many internationally known artists of his time. Wickiser started his career as a director of the first gallery established in the US from mainland China. From that time forward, the dealer’s focus was put on American and Asian art scenes, which would later become the core of his own gallery’s perspective.

Uniting American and Asian-American artists under one roof was a big step toward exploring new ground for the gallery. Walter Wickiser Gallery has achieved great success in the US and abroad, with its selection of art being exhibited in Korea, Romania, Cypress, Philippines, and the rest of the world. Having global fame, the gallery’s artists are frequently showcased at the most notable art institutions in America, to say nothing of prestigious art fairs, such as Art on Paper, Seattle Art Fair, and The LA Art Show, among others.

Walter Wickiser Gallery is a somewhat streak of light showing us the fruitful benefits of having a closer dialogue between cultures, at least through visual art. Definitely worth visiting!



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