Business of Art Webinars from Observer

The art industry is now going through a complicated phase due to the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic. As international communication is in a freeze, many feel rather obnoxious about the near future of art. To resume the dialogue between the art world leaders, Observer has launched Business of Art Webinars, a series of standalone webinars meant to bring together experts for the discussion of the effective strategies for the art market. Observer has a reputation of an authoritative and competent team of analysts providing the excursus into the pertinent news concerning the realm of art. It is not only a highly qualitative informer but also a force to keep the industry afloat in a quandary.

Observer’s Business of Art Webinars

Yesterday, on May 8, Observer presented their new Business of Art Webinar titled “Industry 1:1: How Auctions and Art Sales Need to Adapt.” All interested could join Mary von Aue, the Editorial Director at Observer, in conversation with Marc Porter, Chairman at Christie’s Americas. They were making points about the minimization of secondary art market disruptions and rescheduling of art auctions. The webinar was sponsored by Fine Art Shippers, a family-owned company providing a range of professional art logistics services in NYC and worldwide. Fine Art Shippers joined Observer’s Business of Art Webinars to support the art community and underline the importance of art logistics in the current realities of the coronavirus pandemic.

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