Carlos García Lahoz: Binding Cultures through a Variety of Art Media

Art has an uncanny ability to bind people from all over the world, those who speak other languages and hail from different cultures. Through a variety of art media, artists unite people into one related community that has long been the backbone for international communication and mutual development. Carlos García Lahoz is one of those trailblazers, whose art has become a cultural bridge between Spain and Ukraine. Let’s see how this talented artist has managed to build it, and why his endeavor will have a lasting effect on the future generations of both countries.

Binding Cultures through a Variety of Art Media

Carlos García Lahoz is a Spanish multi-faceted artist born in Zaragoza in 1969. Ukraine became a destination for his art projects for a reason. Before he started cultivating arts, Carlos García Lahoz was working in fish export and import business, which allowed him to travel to Ukraine. After 20 years of assiduous work, in 2009, he abandoned his lifelong job and started pursuing art in all its forms. If to look at a portfolio of this Spanish artist, we would see an extensive range of artworks in a variety of art media, from sculpture and painting to photography, design, and even jewelry.

Even though Carlos García Lahoz did not have a residence in Ukraine, the country met him with open arms. Since 2009, the artist has launched a bunch of cross-cultural artistic projects in a variety of art media and worked closely with Ukrainian artists for the benefit of Spanish and Ukrainian nations. His first exhibition was at the Kyiv Modern Art Museum, and quite soon, his works were already exhibited in many major cities across the country, including Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Uman. To thank Ukraine for such hospitality, Carlos García Lahoz organized an art exhibition in Spain, where Ukrainian talents were able to showcase their works for free.

Carlos García Lahoz is also known for his film festival “H-UMAN,” where he serves as a director, and his recent exhibition “Twin Souls,” which has been presented in a range of cities in both Ukraine and Spain. It is also important to note that for his work toward the development of Spanish-Ukrainian relationships, the Ukrainian city of Uman opened a park named after Carlos García Lahoz, which proves how valuable his contribution to Ukrainian people and culture is.

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