Don’t Miss a New Exhibition at Van Der Plas Gallery

Van Der Plas Gallery is one of those mesmerizing NYC art galleries where a visitor can establish a strong spiritual bond with a venue. This place has always been associated with fabulous and evocative artworks stirring your heart and mind from the very moment when you enter the space. If you followed the gallery’s history, you would know that it is deeply fond of showcasing meaningful and socially important art. Following the same course, Van Der Plas Gallery now hosts its newest art exhibition emphatically titled “Quo Vadis — Where Do We Go From Here?”

Quo Vadis — Where Do We Go From Here?

“Quo Vadis — Where Do We Go From Here?” is much more than just aesthetics and beauty, unique visual language, or style. In fact, all this is incorporated with the well-grounded ideas that sixty-two local and international artists were asked to express through their works. Though the essence and meaning of the show are subject to personal interpretation, one thing is crystal clear: the curators and the managers try to give a critical commentary regarding the erratic state of affairs in today’s social and political world.

Of course, one should not focus their attention on the ideas only because the aesthetical part is not less captivating and surprising. Thanks to a large number of participants, the exhibition consists of a wide spectrum of styles, materials, and formats. Everyone can find something that will tug at their heartstrings. It seems unbelievable, but what you can witness today is something fairly extraordinary: so many different artists have flocked together to share their views through art. Adriana Cerotti, Hiden Hosna, and Mike Hieronymus are just some of them.

If you feel like it is your cup of tea, you need to hurry since the exhibition runs through October 7, which means that you still have time to see stunning artworks by different creators and find your personal answer to the question, “Where do we go from here?”



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