Don’t Miss Art Shuttle New York — Miami on August 7

As you probably know, an art shuttle is a high-end and money-saving way to have your artworks shipped by the professional art shippers across a certain distance. Fine Art Shippers, an experienced art shipping company from New York, has a whole series of art shuttles circulating across the United States to the delight of the art community. One of them is running from New York to Miami biweekly, with the next trip scheduled for August 7. This magnificent piece of news is a fair opportunity for all those who want to ship a painting or two to Florida most securely and affordably.

Art shuttle New York — Miami from Fine Art Shippers

The upcoming shuttle will run along the main Interstate Highway on the East Coast of the United States. Fine Art Shippers has stated that its art handlers will be able to pick up and deliver art anywhere along the route. They will have stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Palm Beach, right up to Miami, and even to Key West. Furthermore, the company will pick up art not only from New York-based clients but also from any location in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Why choose art shuttle New York — Miami? First and foremost, this type of art delivery is always cost-effective and efficient for both artists and different art organizations. Considering the cost, your works of art are still handled and operated by established art handlers, which is basically a win-win for the art owners. With Fine Art Shippers, your chances are high that you will get the best quality services at the very end.

It is also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers is planning another shuttle from Miami to Boston (August 12) right after this one. If you are interested, the only thing that remains is to contact Fine Art Shippers and ask all the necessary questions about their art shuttle services. Do not miss your chance!

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