Dwane Bailey — A Self-Taught Surrealist Artist with a Unique Style

From Edna Manley to Philip Thomas, Jamaican art flowers with unparalleled authenticity and a highly special approach to depicting life. The images you can meet in the paintings and sculptures by the Jamaican artists almost always stem from the folklore and follow natural canons of the nation. Being part of the Caribbean region, the island of Jamaica is known for its rich historical past that has enriched the art of the country and given a substantial stimulus to the rise of contemporary art. Dwane Bailey, a surrealist artist from Clarendon, is a shining representative of contemporary Jamaican art, whose unique art combines two contradictory forces: nature and culture.

Dwane Bailey: a surreal artist with unique concepts

Dwane Bailey came from Diamond in Rock River, Clarendon, where he made his first steps to becoming a surrealist artist. Art has been his affection from the young age. As a boy, Dwane Bailey made replicas of Mack trucks; as a teen, he created his first miniature of a guesthouse. After his studies at Clarendon College, Dwane Bailey continued to develop his artistic skills and innate talent on his own. Today, he is one of the most noteworthy self-taught artists in Jamaica, whose works have been exhibited at a range of exhibitions, including at Saba Gallery, Grosvenor Gallery, and Amaicraft. Dwane Bailey currently lives and works in Kingston.

Surrealist art by Dwane Bailey represents a one-of-a-kind mix of brilliant technical simplicity and embodied powerful meaning. A single look at his paintings is enough to tell for sure that the artist is a master of materializing an idea in fanciful surrealistic images. Lots of his works are inspired by music, especially Western jazz and blues. Similar to the beats and rhythm, Dwane Bailey’s colors and shapes are vivid and lively.

If you seek something original and unique, then you should definitely pay your attention to the indistinguishable art by Dwane Bailey. You will love it!

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