Earth2050 — An Art Project Letting People Shape the World

2 min readOct 6, 2020

Global pollution is no longer a buzzword frequently used by the mainstream media that is always beating around the bush concerning the “critical situation” of our environment. Hypocrisy aside, environmental pollution is by far the most hazardous issue nowadays, which will lead us all to the apocalypse if people do not stop some of their venomous activities. The more people realize it, the faster our society will grow as a wholesome community. To translate such ideas into reality, Vasily Klyukin and Zurab Ermilov created a unique art project “Earth2050” that has a deciding value for a modern-day person.

“Why People Can’t Fly” (2016) by Vasily Klyukin

Earth2050 — an art project letting people shape the world

“ Earth2050 “ was launched in 2016 by the Russian artist Vasily Klyukin and Zurab Ermilov, who is the General Producer of the art project. Without exaggeration, these two enthusiastic men, along with those who support them, are present-day heroes. The reason lies deep in the main aim of the project, which is to make people think of the future of our planet, especially its state by 2050.

Such a promising art project is not just a bare concept. Vasily Klyukin has dedicated three of his sculptures, titled “Why People Can’t Fly” (2016), “Newborn Mind” (2019), and the upcoming “Earth 2050” (2020), to give shape to his ideas and demonstrate different sides of the burning problem. Each sculpture is a masterpiece with a deep meaning and a loud message.

Vasily Klyukin (b. 1976) is a prominent sculptor, architect, and a famous defender of the environment. In some sense, “Earth2050” is a very private piece of his personality, while, on the other hand, it is quite a universal knowledge for all of us because we are part of this system too. Unfortunately, only a minority of people are concerned with the current state of affairs in the natural world. For this reason, Vasily Klyukin and Zurab Ermilov have launched this important sculpture project. If you want to help our planet, consider supporting “Earth2050” and sharing the information about it with others wherever you are.

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