Evgeniya Maltseva Will Showcase Her New Works at Art Russia Fair

The contemporary art world does not stand still and now charts the course to achieve new heights of artistic craftsmanship. The next crucial point of this year will be Art Russia Fair that will take place in Moscow on February 20–23. In this post, we want to draw you attention to the presentation of Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” that will be featuring works by Evgeniya Maltseva, a true genius of Russian expressionist art. The artist will present her new artworks titled “Prayer/Ecclesiastes” and “Meditation.”

Evgeniya Maltseva

Evgeniya Maltseva, Art Russia Fair & Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI”

“Meditation” by Evgeniya Maltseva

“Prayer/Ecclesiastes” and “Meditation”

“Prayer/Ecclesiastes” by Evgeniya Maltseva

The artist not only pays attention to these inner human characteristics but also raises the question of their nature. In trying to achieve balance, each piece meticulously shows the signs of both spiritual and physical states. Dynamic lines, tears, and cuts on the skin represent the fundamental elements of the body and soul. The main questions remain the same. How do people find their way back to God? Where should they seek harmony? How to end a hectic run in the fast-paced world? You will find the answers at Art Russia Fair 2020!

Originally published at https://300magazine.com on February 18, 2020.

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