Evocative and Vivid Portraits by Iryna Fedorenko

These days, an aptitude for painting, photography, sculpture, or any other form of art doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a dazzling success. Contemporary artists should work hard to make themselves successful, often taking on different roles and continuously improving through self-learning. Today, we want to tell you about a truly fascinating person who, thanks to her ardent efforts, painstaking management abilities, and talent, has become a household name in Ukrainian contemporary art. Please meet Iryna Fedorenko and her evocatively vivid portraits!

Vivid portraits by Iryna Fedorenko

Iryna Fedorenko is, without exaggeration, one of the most trailblazing and prolific Ukrainian contemporary artists. Originally from Mariupol, she now lives and works in Kyiv. It is worth mentioning that Iryna Fedorenko creates and exhibits her vivid portraits and paintings under an artistic pseudonym — Semira. Over the last years, she has achieved impressive results in her career and received some of the most prestigious national awards, including “Best Ukrainian Woman in the Profession” and “Leaders of Ukraine” in the nomination of the Artist of the Year.

When it comes to the artistic process, things become even more interesting. The contemporary art world does not stand still, and nor does Iryna Fedorenko. The Ukrainian artist works in different styles and painting techniques to create her fascinating portraits, often experimenting with bold ideas and forms. Portraying people is what helps Iryna Fedorenko fulfill her own emotional needs. She savors the moment and then materializes the person’s expression, mood, facial posture, and emotions to the best of her ability.

Iryna Fedorenko’s vivid portraits and other works have been exhibited at many national and international art exhibitions, including in the U.S., Europe, and China. In 2019, her two exhibitions were held at the well-known George Billis Gallery and Artifact in New York City. The third show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic but is planned to be launched when the lockdown is fade. All that remains is to wait for Iryna Fedorenko’s next exhibition in the U.S. that is sure to be no less impressive than the two previous ones.

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