Fabulous Paintings by Lilivet Peña Echemendía

Have you ever considered art as a form of confession? Confession is by far one of the most intense and powerful acknowledgments in people’s life. Experiencing it at first hand is something that can have a dramatic impact on your soul and mind. For this reason, seeing a brave artist creating fabulous paintings with a good deal of self-introspection is always something extraordinary. In this regard, the Cuban artist Lilivet Peña Echemendía is a whole new discovery amongst many talented female artists. So, take your time to check our her artworks because they are worthwhile!

Photo courtesy of Lilivet Peña Echemendía

Lilivet Peña Echemendía and her fabulous paintings

Lilivet Peña Echemendía is a talented woman who has dedicated her life to two professions: medicine and art. Being a medical doctor for 12 years, she has never put her passion for art aside, developing her skills in painting as a self-taught artist. Today, Lilivet is a proud holder of numerous prestigious awards and a member of many international arts organizations and artistic circles.

Photo courtesy of Lilivet Peña Echemendía

Throughout her artistic career, Lilivet Peña Echemendía has taken part in over 50 group and 6 solo exhibitions, which is already a great achievement. Her amazing works are in many private collections throughout the world, including in Spain, Mexico, Italy, the US, and France, making the young artist a noteworthy representative of contemporary Latin American artists.

Photo courtesy of Lilivet Peña Echemendía

The portfolio of Lilivet Peña Echemendía includes two key series of paintings. These are Confession and Rhapsody, and we highly recommend that you focus your attention on these works. The artist builds the main idea around human relationships and behaviour, technological progress and nature. Her fabulous paintings often come in a form of confession as Lilivet draws inspiration from her own life. As a result, her art represents a mix of highly genuine style and profound spiritual content, which allows the viewer to find out more about their inner self.

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