Fashion Photography by Ekaterina Tautkevich

The modern world fashion photography is unequaled and quite divergent as compared to the recent past. Its artistic images and color box make miracles colliding into a unique mix. To make a viewer enjoy it wholly, a contemporary photographer should not only wield state-of-the-art instruments but also have an internal hunch of how to make pictures deep and appealing. Today, we would like to tell you about Ekaterina Tautkevich and her visceral approach to taking fashion photos.

Ekaterina Tautkevich is a Moscow-based fashion photographer with a good deal of experience in design and fashion. She started as a designer, worked as a model, and later managed to get into the art of photography. Today, she is a well-known lenswoman, whose works are published in a number of fashion magazines across Russia. For Ekaterina Tautkevich, the craft of photography is a supreme tool for communication through art, a fusion of visual beauty, and a strong message revealed with the help of the projected images and real people.

As a representative of contemporary photography, Ekaterina Tautkevich greatly concerns about thorny and sensitive issues of modern society. Photography is her weapon to reveal the truth about important topics and attract public attention in such a way. Her first solo exhibition, ‘Children of the Sun,’ which was held in Moscow in November 2018, was devoted to the lives of kids with Down syndrome. Thanks to such an arrangement, people could find out more about the genetic disorder and hear the stories of the little heroes and heroines taking part in the photo shoot.

Specializing in fashion photography, Ekaterina Tautkevich has excelled in showcasing the fashion in its most genuine nature. Likewise, her art is abundantly valuable to the point where real life and issues take the stage. All this makes her craft multilaterally significant and beauteous.

Originally published at on February 10, 2020.

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