Female Artists at Van Der Plas Gallery

No one will argue with the fact that women are now an integral part of the art market, with many emerging female artists shaping the world of contemporary art. This month, the NYC-based Van Der Plas Gallery decided to pay tribute to all talented female artists and presented an exhibition titled “A Changing Landscape — The Female.”

Female artists at Van Der Plas Gallery

Van Der Plas Gallery was established by Adriaan Van Der Plas over 40 years ago. It was initially known as Adriaan but changed its name to Van Der Plas Gallery in 1992. Today, Van Der Plas Gallery is one of the most prominent NYC galleries, with a large and beautiful space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Focused on contemporary outsider art, it offers a gorgeous selection of artworks by many talented artists, along with all sorts of other presentations and gallery shows. This March, Van Der Plas Gallery hosted a truly exceptional exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Month. Titled “A Changing Landscape — The Female,” it was entirely dedicated to the work of female artists. The art exhibition was on view at the gallery from March 2 to March 8.

“A Changing Landscape — The Female” featured ninety-eight fabulous works by both emerging and established artists from around the world. Focused on the potency and importance of the female figure in contemporary art, this group show was aimed at sharing experience and encouraging to look at the world, society, and art through a qualitatively new prism. The selection of artists was very diverse and included Shannon Kernaghan, Terrie Powers, Taisiia Cherkasova, Sharon Harbin, and Cassandra Clark, among others.

“A Changing Landscape — The Female” was a great opportunity to experience unparalleled art in New York once again. Van Der Plas Gallery is currently hosting another amazing exhibition titled “LES*Post*Mapping,” so take your time to visit the gallery to enjoy some great contemporary art.

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