FLUIDS — Immersive Performance Art by Evgeniya Maltseva

2 min readDec 4, 2020

Evgeniya Maltseva, who is known for her successful art project “ Song of Songs,” has recently presented her new performance art installation housed by the MARS Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow. This time, the talented Russian artist re-examines the concepts of God, death and life, body and spirit against the background of modern-day society. This is a high-end experience that you don’t want to miss!

A fresh look at the performance art

“ FLUIDS: A Meta-Connection of Art and Technology “ is the full title of the currently running exhibition. The fusion of art and technology is not an accident in this case. In collaboration with the composer Anastasia Martyanova and Art Dynamics Studio, Evgeniya Maltseva has managed to create a bold and authentic performance art experiment broadening the boundaries of expressive contemporary art.

“FLUIDS” encompasses a variety of unique media. Along with paintings and works on wood, it features 100 artworks created by the artist and enlivened with holographic projectors. In other words, a viewer can interact with the imagery that they see. An inalienable part of this impressive art exhibition is the experimental dark ethnic music composed by Anastasia Martyanova for each artwork. Together, these elements become an idiosyncratic multi-media art installation yet to be seen.

“FLUIDS” is what society desperately needs

Art is a cure, and only those artists who foster and sincerely believe in this idea are capable of healing other people. Yes, “FLUIDS” is a trailblazer in terms of performance art, but what might be even more important is the underlying idea of the entire exhibit.

In her previous projects, Evgeniya Maltseva tried to uncover the unselfish nature of fundamental vices and virtues of society. In “FLUIDS,” she reconceptualizes her art and gives it a new meaning. Now, it is aimed at healing people and recovering their souls. The art exhibition will be on view through the end of January 2021. You just cannot miss it!

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