Frank Chinea Inguanzo’s Mystical Paintings for Sale on Invaluable

Have you heard of the contemporary art magician Frank Chinea Inguanzo and his deeply immersive and authentically mysterious paintings? Works by this Miami-based artist are imbued with dark themes and glum shades, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the new abstract reality, the product of the author’s creative subconscious. Today, we are particularly glad to announce that Frank Chinea Inguanzo’s ten mystical paintings are now up for sale and available for bidding at the TimaxArt online auction on Invaluable. Let’s look at the selection of Inguanzo’s amazing works.

Mystical paintings by Frank Chinea Inguanzo on Invaluable

The title of the current online auction hosted by Invaluable is Modern & Contemporary Fine Art. It is presented by TimaxArt, a reputable auction house based in London. TimaxArt aims at providing professional auction services for art lovers on a global scale and believes that art has no borders. Here you can find a huge number of artworks in various genres and styles, including mystical paintings by the talented Cuban-born master Frank Chinea Inguanzo, who is called “a late neo-romantic artist of the 21st century.”

A meticulously picked selection of ten Inguanzo’s oil paintings comes across as a highly valued set of art pieces, any of which can become a meaningful addition to your art collection. Here are some of the highlights of TimaxArt London Modern & Contemporary Fine Art Auction hosted by Invaluable:

Life upside down, 2017

Estimated at €31,000 — €35,000

Trapped in time, 2019

Estimated at €1,400 — €2,000

The Judgement day, 2017

Estimated at €4,900 — €5,500

Trump times, 2019

Estimated at €1,400 — €2,000

The Red door, 2017

Estimated at €4,900 — €5,500

Hopefully, you liked these mind-boggling mystical paintings by the contemporary neo-romantic artist Frank Chinea Inguanzo. You can find more of them at TimaxArt London Modern & Contemporary Fine Art Auction on Invaluable. The timed auction runs through July 26, 2020.

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