Introducing a New Painting by Marco Casalvieri

2 min readFeb 20, 2020

The way human beings feel emotions is one of the most puzzling and subtle things in our controversial nature. We hardly can interpret it without being subjective and temperamental at least a little. Many artists are assiduously and ticklishly mastering their abilities to perceive human feelings. It is abundantly correlative to figurative paintings that are intrinsically meant to feature real objects. Marco Casalvieri has made a grandiose step in that regard by creating his new painting titled “Broken pieces, Unmade.”

Marco Casalvieri

The artistic path of Marco Casalvieri is full of twists and turns, which has probably led him to the work-life balance. Being a child of Rome outskirts, he endured a lot of pain to finally find his raison d’être. It was his way to art that since than has been the artist’s powerful tool for self-revelation. Casalvieri’s views have become the essence of his work, and his new painting is not an exception.

Broken pieces, Unmade — new painting by the figurative art genius

“Broken pieces, Unmade” is a perfect example of music inspired art. The song behind the painting is “Unmade” by Thom Yorke, which was created for the “Suspiria” film remake. By listening to it, you may find yourself in a strong emotional bond with the artwork. Both pieces speak about the same things, just in different languages.

The figure in the center is Fabio Febres, a German visual artist who greatly helped Marco Casalvieri with his work. The composition itself is focused on the feeling of being lost and separated. Broken pieces are the fractures of reality that is no longer worthy. The whole idea lies in depicting the process whereby an individual is starting to have a sense of alienation from everything and everyone around. In this context, the world is getting hostile, incomprehensible. Thus, it becomes incoherent and fragile; in consequence, it collapses.

The meticulous masterhood of the artist and a strong message hidden inside the work make Marco Casalvieri’s new painting a unique one. It is a valuable visual trip into the core of people’s feelings, such as emptiness and hopelessness, which cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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