Invigorating Contemporary Art by Verita Amare Et

3 min readApr 10, 2021

Art is the outlet of artists’ feelings. Neither is it always about the beauties of life, nor does it always tell about its horrors. It all depends. However, you must admit that art initially meant to elevate human emotions and liberate human souls is of great value nowadays. In this light, we want to tell you about the multi-talented Russian artist Verita Amare Et and her new painting titled “Fatherhood.” Verita Amare Et’s invigorating contemporary art has an enormous potential to bring back memories and make you feel like an indispensable part of the entire universe.

Verita Amare Et and her energy-filled contemporary art

Verita Amare Et, or Veronika Medvedeva, is one of the most brilliant Russian contemporary artists. Her spectrum of skills is indeed impressive, as the young woman has excelled not only in painting but also in fine sculpture, literature, music, fashion, and perfumery. Furthermore, she is the mother of three, which is significant considering how diverse and intense Verita Amare Et’s work is. It is no wonder that several years ago, she earned the status of “National Treasure” in Russia, to say nothing of her other national and international achievements.

The art of Veronika Medvedeva is very soothing and stimulating. Whether it is a poem or a song, you feel the powerful artistic energy that imbues you with tranquilizing harmony. “Fatherhood,” the latest work by the artist, is not an exception to the rule. In her invigorating contemporary art, Verita Amare Et explores the unity of life and its intercorrelation with the universe.

“Fatherhood” by Verita Amare Et

The painting was made using old Soviet paints. Conceptually, the work combines features of landscape painting and portrait. As for the interpretation, “ Fatherhood “ bears several meanings so that every viewer can find their own key to understanding the work. It is also worth noting that soon after the release, the artwork was photographed for the catalog of Russian Art at the request of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Verita Amare Et’s contemporary art is always an amazing experience that you have to relieve on your own, and “Fatherhood” might well become a good start.

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