Keith Haring — American Artist Who Made a Difference

2 min readMay 27, 2020

Amidst the cultural diversity, Keith Haring’s work occupies an important place in the pop art movement. He was different from other people, and it was special about him. Being an outspoken person, Keith Haring conveyed his messages through art, and by doing that, he transcended existing conservative boundaries. However, there is a couple of things worth mentioning.

The beginning of his “journey”
After studying commercial art at Pittsburgh’s Ivy School of Professional Art for two years, Keith Haring realized that it was not his path. Drawing inspiration from graffiti artists and street art, he made a leap of faith and presented the world his own style. It was no wonder that such an extraordinary person as Keith Haring would choose a New York subway station and its walls to be the right place for his “exhibition.” He always clung to the idea that art must be accessible, and as a result, his drawings caught attention by everyone who walked past the station.

The aim of Keith Haring’s artworks

Keith Haring was the person who wanted to provide the world with his life-altering ideas. His constant drawings on the walls gave rise to the police indignation, not to mention that he was handcuffed a couple of times. But on the flip side, he made his point about typical American issues and jolted people into thoughts. For example, one of his famous works The Crack is Wack depicts the side effects of crack cocaine in New York City.

Nowadays, Keith Haring’s paintings are preserved in many important private and public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Also, shortly before his passing in 1990, he made use of his privileges and set up The Keith Haring Foundation which still exists and helps people overcome AIDS.

Due to his merits and contributions, Keith Haring remains in the memory of his admirers, being one of the most prominent contemporary American artists and social activists.




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