Nature-Inspired Abstract Expressionist Art by Susana Aldanondo

2 min readFeb 24, 2020

Nature comes across as one of the most fundamental yet unknown things in our lives. It manifests itself in many forms, from seemingly insignificant to the most vital ones. We have discovered the unimaginable corners of our existence, and even with that knowledge, we are not so sure how to be truly alive and free from our misconceptions. Susana Aldanondo, an adept of Abstract Expressionism, covers these and many other questions in her amazing nature-inspired art. When looking at her paintings, you feel like as you detach yourself from the body and start seeing things from another perspective. Is this the magic of abstract expressionist art or something else? Let’s find this out!

Susana Aldanondo, Melting Pot

Abstract Expressionist Art by Susana Aldanondo

Susana Aldanondo’s path to becoming an artist started in Argentina where she was born and continued in New York City where she moved as a girl. Art is something she inherited from her talented father who was an artist and muralist. Being surrounded by art and creativity all her life, Susana Aldanondo chose it to be the way to make statements. Her work focuses on a whole range of questions, including immigration, environment, equality, and empathy, among others.

Susana Aldanondo, What Lies Within

When creating abstract paintings, Aldanondo uses music and nature as means of inspiration. From that point, it is understandable why abstract expressionist art is her choice. This form of art helps transmit the most innate feelings and deliver the message most impressively and boldly. Susanna Aldanondo has already received many artistic awards, and her works have been exhibited in New York, London, and Tokyo.

There is one more important thing about Susana Aldanondo and her art. In addition to calling the public’s attention to the nowadays problems and fighting with evil in people’s souls, she dedicates a portion of her work and time to help charitable organizations. Thus, Susana Aldanondo’s paintings are not only intriguingly beautiful but also highly important to the society.

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