Neon Art by the Talented Serbian Artist Vukasin Delevic

Art has an innate tendency to alter itself on a staggered basis. Due to the rapid and substantive development of the world, unparalleled forms of art emerge and go down in history as rare assets of the 21st century. Contemporary neon art is one such form. Highly unique and complex, it may bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses of the art lover. Vukasin Delevic, a Serbian master of photography and neon art, is working in this specific field to demonstrate the essence of human body and soul by creating appealing artworks with the use of the boundless energy of neon. Let’s look at the way the young artist contributes to the world of contemporary art with his amazing multimedia art.

Vukasin Delevic Creates Neon Art That Radiates Energy

Born in 1993, Vukasin Delevic is a young and talented artist who has been passionate about art since his childhood. As a boy, he studied at the High School of Art in Kraljevo and continued his artistic path at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Vukasin Delevic also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where he mastered the art of photography and new media. Delevic is only at the beginning of his career, but he has already been featured at a number of group shows and had several solo exhibitions. One of them, titled “Neon,” is particularly worth your attention.

The title of the exhibition speaks for itself. “Neon” was all about the captivating neon art. Held at Gallery Catch 22 in Belgrade, it showcased works made by Vukasin Delevic with the use of neon lights. Most of them were static, but there were also unfixed pieces like “Light” and “Passage.” Through his neon art, the artist conveyed the deeper meaning of emotions, consciousness, and human energy, making the exhibition a great manifestation of people’s inner nature.

Vukasin Delevic is one of the most talented artists of today, whose innovative artistic projects are important for the development of contemporary art. We want to wish him luck and all the best in his career!

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