New Art and New Ideas at the New Museum in New York

2 min readMar 7, 2020

New York is a sacred cradle for contemporary art, with new art forms and styles being emerged and developed year by year. In our time, New York is home to probably the richest spectrum of museums and galleries specifically devoted to contemporary art. Thousands of ingenious artists work within the unique realm of stone jungles and make the artistic world go round. Today, our focus is on the New Museum, a NYC art museum with futuristic external design. Let’s look at how new ideas are evolving in this peculiar place.

The New Museum as the manifestation of new art

Since its founding by Marcia Tucker in 1977, the New Museum has been an artistic shelter for emerging and mid-career artists who have not gained lustrous success and fame yet. Being the catalyst for under-recognized contemporary artists, the museum arranges all sorts of exhibitions to represent the might and power of new art side by side with new ideas. If you happen to pass by, make sure to visit this amazing place that is rightfully considered one of the most interesting NYC museums.

Daiga Grantina: What eats round itself

The New Museum is known for hosting art installations and exhibitions to highlight the new talents of the world of contemporary art. One such exhibition is “Daiga Grantina: what eats round itself.” It is a solo show of the Paris-based Latvian artist Daiga Grantina, which represents an incorporation of conflicting physical qualities, such as strong and weak, black and white, soft and hard. When looking at Grantina’s large-scale sculptural assemblages displayed at the museum, you start feeling the slight confusion as if you are imbued with some sort of hypnosis. They are impressive and fascinating with their unique forms and overall idea. The exhibition is on view through May 17, 2020.

Location: 235 Bowery, New York

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