New Art Projects by the Spanish Artist Carlos García Lahoz

We already wrote about the masterful Spanish artist Carlos García Lahoz and his substantial contribution to the development of Spanish-Ukrainian art. If you have enjoyed reading about the life and work of this amazing contemporary sculptor, we have marvelous news to share with you today: recently, the renowned craftsman has introduced his two new art projects titled Kingdom of Heaven and Mudejar XXI. Each of them definitely deserves your attention because of their cultural uniqueness that you would probably like to explore yourself. Let’s see what beauty Carlos García Lahoz has created this time.

New art projects by the Spanish artist Carlos García Lahoz

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven is a series of paintings, created by the Spanish artist for Islamabad Art Festival 2020 in Pakistan. During the process of creation, Carlos García Lahoz drew inspiration from Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven” (2005). Same to the plot of the movie, the artist fosters the idea that the different cultures and religions, however different they are, should coexist in peace and mutual understanding.

Mudejar XXI

Mudejar XXI is a series of sculptures designed and created as a sign of respect between Muslim and Catholic cultures. Inspired by Aragonese Mudejar Art, an ancient architectural style, the Spanish artist mixes the present and the past, using a variety of sculptural features to reveal the idea and meaning of his art most effectively. There is a rich history behind this art project, so don’t miss the chance to learn more about Aragonese Mudejar Art and its relevance for today’s art and society.

These art projects come across as intimate and universal at the same time since they discover the deep meaning of the religious and cultural life of people nowadays. Carlos García Lahoz’s contribution makes him someone bigger than an artist, as his art inspires the changes that the contemporary world has been craving for many years.

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