Nick Bautista Joins the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery

2 min readJul 16, 2020

Life has always been one of the most notorious and grandiose motivators for artists of any genre. Writers, painters, and musicians go through an allogeneous experience that leaves an indelible mark on their souls and becomes the reason for external and internal changes. Some try to hide it but fail; some want to express it, but they fear the outcome; and some, like the visual artist Nick Bautista, give them the freedom to inspire the process of creation. Nick Bautista’s latest series of paintings — “How The Fuck Did I Get Here?” — is all about his life, ups and downs, and a gamut of feelings that can be discovered this fall at the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery.

What We’ve Done To Each Other, 2020

Nick Bautista joins the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery

Nick Bautista is an NYC-based painter whose art is fully impregnated with personal troubles and struggles experienced by the artist while growing up. Art became his effective remedy against day-to-day gruesome reality. After achieving an MFA in Fine Art, Bautista ascertained the power which comes with being an artist and used it as a means to express himself and help other people.

An Inevitable Ending, 2020

This year, on October 27 — November 17, Nick Bautista will join the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery in New York. The artist will present three paintings from the series “How The Fuck Did I Get Here” reflecting the important people and major moments from his life.

For The Last Time, 2020

Even though these honest paintings are predominantly about the life of one person, they might strike a chord with others and even bring consolation for the mind. The visual richness of Nick Bautista’s works is above all praise. Through his wild and passionate technique, one can discern elaborate shapes of people and their unmasked emotions. We strongly recommend visiting the Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery and embrace the intimate works by the talented artist Nick Bautista.

Photo courtesy of Nick Bautista

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