NYC ARTWALK to Bring Art and Culture to the Streets of New York

2 min readFeb 6, 2021

Tough times create tough people. The coronavirus pandemic has instigated massive social changes and made societies undergo fundamental transformations. And yet, there is still much to be done. In New York, the art organization NYC ARTWALK, in collaboration with At The Art Fair, has decided to organize art walks to unite artists and local businesses to NYC communities. By bringing art and culture to the streets, they aim to help create a bridge connecting art lovers and artists, artists and local businesses. Such an incentive will definitely benefit all parties involved and help them go through hard times together.

Bringing art and culture to the streets of New York

NYC ARTWALK is an art platform known for organizing art walks meant to feature artists from all around the globe. It is powered by the idea that artists’ works of art come to life only when they are presented to the audience. Art walks do not have any special requirements and thus might become an amazing experience for everybody who loves art and wants to contribute to local businesses and communities.

NYC ARTWALK and At The Art Fair will bring art and culture to the streets of New York in the spring of 2021. Art walks will take place in Greenpoint in Brooklyn and Long Island City & Astoria in Queens. Take notice that there will be no indoor activities — only an outdoor display with artworks placed on storefronts and restaurant fences. The organizers have taken into account all the risks and decided to present water-resistant posters so that original artworks won’t get damaged.

Considering the coronavirus restrictions, all art walks will be socially distanced. Furthermore, everyone who wants to become a part of the walk should wear a mask for safety measures in order not to put themselves and others at risk.

The core mission of NYC ARTWALK is to make art and culture accessible to the members of NYC communities. Joining the art walk is free of charge and can be done at any time, from April 30 to May 16, 2021.

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