Propaganda Art: Can a Political Tool Be Art?

With the advent of the First World War, the world witnessed the emergence of a previously unseen form of art — propaganda art. In those grim times, the role of an artist was drastically changed, as art became the tool of war itself. Putting aside all the social and economic factors, can such a notorious form of artistic expression be considered art? Let’s try to answer this question.

Forms and aims of propaganda art

Also, propaganda art can be means of brainwashing people and ideologizing their lives. Take, for example, the Soviet Union. Social realism has nothing to do with the unbiased depiction of reality. You must have heard about the concept of the new Soviet man and woman, the exaggerated idea of “the perfect person.” For many people, it became the highest stage of social evolution. And though Soviet art may seem flamboyant and inspiring, it is also a medium to retranslate ideas convenient for the regime.

Propaganda art is art, but in name only

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