Reisefieber: LAPIZ’s New Street Artwork That Raises Questions

2 min readApr 2, 2021

The start of vaccination has brought fresh hope to millions of people. Many are already bored with the tremendous pressure that the pandemic has been exerting for quite a long time now. Despite the gradual improvement, what statistics show is far from what we call “an equal share.” While some rich countries have purchased more than half of vaccine doses, many poorer ones are left to suffer from the COVID-19 much longer due to the incapability to respond to the coronavirus. To address a thorny issue, the Hamburg-based self-taught artist LAPIZ has created a new street artwork titled “Reisefieber.”

Reisefieber: LAPIZ’s new street artwork that raises questions

The title of the work sounds exotic indeed. However, there is more to that than it seems. “ Reisefieber “ is a German phrase that can be translated as “travel fever.” What it basically means is that people get excited and agitated when they are about to travel abroad.

“Reisefieber” depicts a man — a traveler with a suitcase — who is ready and waiting for the moment of departure. If you pay close attention to the details, the suitcase in particular, you will see flags of different countries. But what does it all mean? Cuba, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria, RSA, and Thailand are those countries that experience high Covid rates and still cannot help the situation.

The new street artwork by LAPIZ is a protest against the injustice and breach of values that, as we see, cost a pittance, especially when it comes to individual benefits. With this work, the street artist also suggests that maybe the coronavirus will become another neglected disease. And while the situation is still embarrassing and unclear, all that is left is to keep hope alive.

LAPIZ is a Hamburg-based artist best known for his thought-provoking street art. In his work, LAPIZ aims to reveal everyday social monstrosity that is always out of sight. “Reisefieber” is yet another new street artwork that raises pertinent questions.

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