“Suspended Column” by the Italian Artist Silvana De Stefano

2 min readJun 24, 2020

The magnificence and singularity of contemporary sculpture prove to be the pinnacle of technical and architectural masterhood nowadays. The generation of modern sculptors has managed to mix sculpture, design, and painting into one unimaginable fusion that leaves everyone speechless. So is Silvana De Stefano, a grand Italian artist, sculptor, and architect, who has captured the attention of the international audience with her awe-inspiring talents and skills. Every art lover must witness the contribution of this artist because this is a truly trailblazing experience.

The Italian artist Silvana De Stefano

Silvana De Stefano was born in Naples and studied Architecture at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. After graduating, the talented Italian artist moved to the USA, where she continued to study sculpture and painting. The turning point of De Stefano’s life was meeting the NYC-based art gallery owner Leo Castelli, who acknowledged her genius and encouraged her to become a commissioned artist. Today, Silvana De Stefano appears on the list of the most influential Italian artists, who has been featured at a range of exhibitions and has taken part in various art projects around the world. One of her most miraculous works is “Suspended Column.”

“Suspended Column”

“Suspended Column” is an 11-meter-high column (approx. 1.8 tons) installed within the courtyard of the Poli Palace in the heart of Rome. This architectural miracle is suspended at 3.60 meters above ground and supported by 4 steel cables attached to the top of the building. The column is diagonally divided into two parts, and here is where the magic begins.

The key aspect of this sculpture is the water that is ostensibly merging two column-capitals. Sounds fantastic and looks unbelievable. Such an elaborate abstraction is possible because of the circuit of steel cylindrical diffuser that has two thin circular buttonholes creating veils of continuum water. “Suspended Column” by Silvana De Stefano is an example of mind-boggling beauty in tandem with an ingenious idea. Totally worth your attention!

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