The Amazing Visionary Art of Alex Sastoque

Visionary art is an ancient craft of decanting subconsciousness into actual reality. Much as you want to, you won’t be able to wholly embrace the artwork on the first try; instead, it always requires personal involvement and profound perception. When it comes to this particular approach, fossilized rules and canons do not work any longer but rather become a substantial intermediary to ground-breaking new forms and images. Alex Sastoque and his vast contribution to the movement are one more proof that plastic and visionary fine arts are yet to be defined and developed against the background of current realities.

Alex Sastoque — Maestro of Visionary Art

While Alex Sastoque is a top-notch professional, whose vivid and expressive works have already earned a great deal of popularity, he is also a prolific art contributor and supporter. By establishing Sastoque Gallery in Bogotá, the visionary art master opened the door for Colombian contemporary artists to bud as identities and promote their works on the international stage. The founder’s focus is on enthusiastic emerging painters, photographers, and sculptors who have excelled in art and yet lack the publicity.

Alex Sastoque is a visionary with numerous trailblazing ideas that he tirelessly translates into reality. Moreover, the Maestro not only creates miracles with his own art but also abundantly raises the caliber of Colombian contemporary art as a whole.

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