The Brazilian Master of Photography Luiz Queiroz

Photographic art has deservedly become a potent and fully-fledged branch of visual art. It is even hard to imagine how much the development of this relatively new form of art has brought into the world and what it will bring to us in the future. Same as a painting, a photo can incarnate a whole distinct world of emotions and meanings. Today, we want to concentrate your attention on Luiz Queiroz, a Brazilian master of photography, who has managed to achieve a seamless bond between real personality and abstract ego through the rich art of photography.

Luiz Queiroz — A Brazilian master of photography

Luiz Queiroz, born in 1962 in São Paulo, first showed his natural aptitude to photography at the age of 8. After earning a degree in Advertising, the zealous artist worked with numerous photography magazines and advertising agencies, which allowed him to boost his skills and become a pro in his professional niche.

Nowadays, Luiz Queiroz is one of the most talented Brazilian contemporary photographers working and developing his own original style of photography. His works have been featured at many exhibitions, including a range of solo shows.

How does Luiz Queiroz stand out from other photographers? Drawing an analogy between painting and photography, the latter may seem not that full of alternatives. For someone, photos are even trivial. Luiz Queiroz’s approach can easily debunk this myth. His portfolio brims with photos covering a range of topics, but, most importantly, composed in an unconventional and novel way.

Luiz Queiroz is always in a constant search for new angles, photographic deformations, and perspectives. His art focuses on people and their integration with the external world. The artist explores these odd relationships between humans and the environment in the most distinguished manner, which makes him a true master of photography. We highly recommend that you take your time to explore the stupendous art by the amazing Brazilian photographer Luiz Queiroz.

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