The Cell Theatre — A Must-Visit Art Salon in the Heart of Chelsea

It is not a secret that many people still find contemporary art intimidating. While someone can enjoy the company of a painting or a piece of sculpture for hours, others would rather look aside, hoping that they would not need to explain why visiting an art exhibition is the last thing they want to do. One of the main reasons for a cold attitude to art is its fictitious “inaccessibility” or, in other words, over-sophisticated nature. However, such a perception is long obsolete. To prove that in real life, you need to visit The Cell Theatre (mostly known as The Cell), an art salon that redraws pre-existing boundaries and makes art closer to everyone.

The Cell is something different from what you have experienced before. Dwelling in the heart of Chelsea, NY since 2006, this twenty-first-century art salon postures itself as the place for incubating new works of art, piercing the hearts and awakening the souls of inquisitive visitors.

Art crafted within the walls of this fascinating venue is full of exuberance, action, and cultural liveliness. At the same time, it is not oriented toward specific groups of people; The Cell is designed for sharing joy, sheer pleasure, and unforgettable moments with every human being. From day one, it has been home to an amazing array of talented people, each being in their own element and thus producing fairly unparalleled art.

Under the stewardship of Nancy Manocherian (Founding Artistic Director) and Kira Simring (Artistic Director), The Cell has always been open to new original ideas. Right now, the art salon offers two marvelous art exhibitions: “Treasures and Tremors” by Chaney Trotter and “Garden of Eden” by Dark Matter. Both are remarkable in their own way and definitely worth your attention, so make sure to pay a visit to The Cell to embrace the refreshing atmosphere of this unique place.

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