Urban Culture in the Work of Mario Loprete

2 min readJul 1, 2020

At all times, urban life has been a source of inspiration for artists of every stripe. A grotesque reality of city streets and never-ending turnout of people have made urban culture a potent contribution to the entire art world. The elements of urban clothing, sports, hip hop music and dance, skate-roller parks, and other components of urban life can be found in the work of many talented artists, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and how people think about it.

Mario Loprete, one of the shining contemporary Italian artists, creates a novel understanding of urban life by exploring hip hop culture and the way it shapes the world around. What is hidden within his work, and how does it make a difference? Let’s find this out.

Urban culture in the work of Mario Loprete

Mario Loprete is an Italian artist working in the fields of painting and sculpture. Through assiduous work and artistic stubbornness, Loprete has developed an unparalleled style comprising his own experience and the message he wants to convey to people.

The elements of urban culture are everywhere in Mario Loprete’s art. Inspired by American Hip Hop, his works perfectly reflect the nature and atmosphere designed by streets, adding something new to contemporary Italian art. Masterfully recreated images of real people and painstaking attention to detail show us a strong commitment of the master to a rich and diverse paradigm of urban life.

Besides painting, which is the first love of Mario Loprete, the artist specializes in sculpture. His latest series of concrete sculptures that Loprete created using his own clothing ‘painted’ with cement deserves special attention and is sure to resonate with many art lovers.

Mario Loprete not only immortalizes the vivid street culture in his paintings and sculptures but also merges past with reality, archaic with modern. His work is fresh, and it is definitely something that we all want to see in the contemporary world.

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