Lei Yan, A Cultivator of Contemporary Conceptual Art

For many people, conceptualism is one of the most bizarre phenomena in contemporary art. Hardly anyone can understand it; nevertheless, it has turned into one of the most progressive art movements of the era. Today, we want to offer you another, a bit more subtle look at contemporary conceptual art and tell you about Lei Yan, a Beijing-based conceptual artist who knows how to find the middle ground between global and local variables in art.

Photo courtesy of Lei Yan and Gallery All

Lei Yan is a multifaceted artist known for incorporating different mediums in his work. He was born in 1965 in Lanfang, a prefecture-level city of Hebei Province, China. On his way to becoming a professional artist, Lei Yan studied at Hebei School for Arts and Crafts and graduated from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1991.

Photo courtesy of Lei Yan and Gallery All

Over many years of painstaking work, Lei Yan has exhibited his creations at numerous solo and group exhibitions, international art fairs, and different art events in China, Brazil, Italy, the US, and other countries around the world. In his art, the artist often fuses painting, photography, and video into one. The result of such a mix is truly fascinating: you get a highly dynamic conceptual art where concept — as a core principle of this particular style — goes beyond abstract art and projects into the social realm.

Photo courtesy of Lei Yan and Gallery All

Lei Yan’s works are a reflection of his own ideas regarding the place of an artist in a fast-growing globalized world. Through his paintings and installations, he draws a distinction between a creative individual and a modern-day society. It must be said that his conceptual art is also very sensorial, meaning that it easily triggers the viewer’s senses and makes them emotionally interact with his creations.

Photo courtesy of Gallery All

If you want to explore Lei Yan’s art, you need to start with his iconic “Color Wheel” series of paintings. Combining traditional art techniques with digital technologies, Yan explores the relationship between the artist, culture, and painting. His “Color Wheels” hold the viewer at arm’s length, allowing them to see the underlying concept only from a distance. You can get acquainted with the amazing art of Lei Yan at Gallery All, an innovative art and design gallery in Los Angeles.

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